Warning: Katadyne PowerSurvivor40e shaft grease and review:

I recently installed a new PowerSurvivor40 for a cruising trip to the Sea of Cortex Mexico.  About half way down Baja on the outside I was reviewing the PS40 maintenance guide.  There was a stern requirement to grease the pump shaft with Silicone grease on a regular bases. One of the things I do not like about the PS40 is manual lubrication.  I open the supplied maintenance kit, however there was only something called Gorilla grease with very poor instruction label written by someone without the command of the English language.  I searched the Katadyne website for technical support, however I couldn’t find an answer to weather this was an appropriate grease to use.  I did find the Gorilla grease manufacture’s website which specified  that the grease was bio, so I assumed it was ok to use, since Katadyne did supply the grease in their kit

I ran the PS40 and it produced water with approx. 3000 PPM, not drinkable.  The EPA max contaminant level is 500 PPM.  I do find it strange that the Kataydyne documentation seem to believe that less than 1500 PPM is expectable, not a good sign.  With continual use of the pump the PPM has improved, however 400 PPM is not great compared to what it was producing originally.  Since the Gorilla grease is water salable, it should dissipate, however I am not sure what it will do to the PS40 including the membrane.

I was able to contact Katadyne support via my satellite email and they told me that they had made this error before, putting the wrong grease in the kit and that “I needed” to get the grease out of there.  They told me that I may have to disassemble the pump and “it may be difficult”, stated tech support.  He also mentioned that the kit was supposed to have the correct grease, and they were sorry for my problem. Thanks…    I told them that at a minimum they should be rebuilding the unit.  So far, NO RESPONSE to my request. 

Beware NOT to use the grease included with the unit.  USE MOLYKOTE 111.  I had this on board, however I decide to use what Katadyne supplied.

I may be trading the PS40 in for another manufacture.  Since Katadyne has acquired Spectra our choices are reduced significantly.   I meet the guy who produces Cruiser’s RO, nice guy.  Many cursing friends told me that they love the system and when they need assistance with their RO system they get to talk directly to him.  Lessons Learned

Update:  After running the PS40 for about 24hrs the PPM have dropped to around 200.